Payment methods


SellApp makes it very easy to link your PayStack account and start accepting PayStack payments for your digital products. Here's how.

Linking PayStack

  1. Navigate to your storefront payment settings by clicking here.

  2. You will find a "PayStack" button. Click it, a modal will appear displaying a "Secret Key" input. Enter your secret key there

    1. If you don't know where to find your PayStack secret key, here's an official guide on how to obtain your secret key
  3. Next, select your PayStack account currency.

  4. Finally, once you've entered your secret key and set the currency, click "Save"

That's it! PayStack has been enabled for your store and you can now enable PayStack for every new product you create.

Optionally: Enabling PayStack for products which already exist

If you want to enable PayStack for products which already exist, here's how to do so:

  1. Navigate to your products dashboard by clicking here.

  2. On the products page, toggle the checkboxes of the products you want to enable PayStack for.

  3. Click the "Update Payment Methods" button found in the "bulk update" dropdown that appears.

    1. A modal will pop up; check PayStack (& optionally other payment methods that you'd like enabled)
  4. Finally, click "Update All" in the modal to update the products' payment methods.

That's all done for you: all the products you selected will now have PayStack enabled as a payment method, which customers will be able to select when making a purchase.