Payment methods


SellApp makes it very easy to link your PayPal account and start accepting PayPal payments for your digital products. Here's how.

Linking PayPal

  1. Navigate to your storefront payment settings by clicking here.

  2. You will find a "PayPal" button. Click it, a modal will appear displaying a "Connect with PayPal button". When you click it, you will be redirected to PayPal and asked if you want to give SellApp the respective permissions.

  3. When you are redirected back to SellApp, your PayPal account will have successfully been linked with your store.

  4. Optional: If you don't want to to link your PayPal account directly, you can also simply enter your PayPal email address in step 2 and click "Save"

That's it! PayPal has been enabled for your store and you can now enable PayPal for every new product you create.

Optionally: Enabling PayPal for products which already exist

If you want to enable PayPal for products which already exist, here's how to do so:

  1. Navigate to your products dashboard by clicking here.

  2. On the products page, toggle the checkboxes of the products you want to enable PayPal for.

  3. Click the "Update Payment Methods" button found in the "bulk update" dropdown that appears.

    1. A modal will pop up; check PayPal (& optionally other payment methods you'd like enabled)
  4. Finally, click "Update All" in the modal to update the products' payment methods.

That's all done for you: all the products you selected will now have PayPal enabled as a payment method, which customers will be able to select when making a purchase.

Support: Pending PayPal payments

There's two types of pending PayPal payment types:

  1. A pending payment where you have to accept the money on your account before the order can get processed

    1. This is due to your PayPal account not having the respective balance enabled which the customer paid with.

      • For example: if you live in the EU and only have an Euro balance enabled on your account, but then sign up to SellApp and list a product in USD, the money will be sent as USD

      • Since PayPal does not know whether you want to reject the payment, or whether you'd like to convert the USD earnings into Euro, or whether you'd like to open a separate USD balance, this payment will be set as pending until you decide

    2. The solution here is to either open a USD balance (it's free to open as many balances on PayPal as you'd like), or price your product in a currency your PayPal account has a balance opened for.

      • We strongly advise applying the solution as fast as possible, as each and every order made via SellApp will continue to remain stuck and not process until you accept/convert the payment.
  2. A pending payment that has been completed on SellApp's side, but the money being held by PayPal for 1/3/7 days

    1. This is due to an internal system on PayPal's end.

      • If you're a new seller, or a seller who hasn't had activity on PayPal in a long time, they may temporarily place you into this system.

      • We at SellApp can't influence anything on this end, it's a seemingly arbitrary decision applied by PayPal

    2. The solution here is to wait it out. After a handful of successful sales with no disputes, PayPal will move you out of their system and you'll be able to accept payments instantly.