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Discord roling

You may find yourself wanting to have your customers join your Discord server and optionally getting a role post-purchase. With SellApp, this is possible by using your own Discord bot.

Setup and configure bot

To start setting up the roling functionality, you'll want to create a Discord bot in the Discord bot dashboard

  1. Click "New Application" at the top right hand side,

  2. Once your bot is created, retrieve your client ID and secret from here, then add the following three redirect URL's on the same page:




  3. Finally, retrieve your bot token from here

Once done, paste the client ID, client secret, and bot token in your SellApp settings and save.

Add account and server

Now that your bot credentials have been set and saved, the next step is to add your account and server.

  1. Click "Add Account" in your SellApp settings. You will be redirected to Discord, grant the permissions and you will be redirected back to SellApp.

So you know

Make sure to edit your Discord server and put the bot's role above the role(s) you are trying to grant. If you don't do so, the bot will not be able to assign the role(s) to the customer's Discord account after a successful purchase.

  1. Click the three dots at the end of your account name and click the "Show" option. Click the "+" icon next to "Guilds". You will be redirected to Discord, select the server you want your customers to be added to and optionally roled on.

  2. That's all done. You can now see the "Community" option when creating/editing a product and specify which server and role the customer gets, plus an option to make Discord authorization mandatory or not.

You will also be able to update your products in bulk. Select the checkbox at the left hand side on your products dashboard -> "Select All" -> "Bulk Update" -> "Discord Data"

Happy selling!

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