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Creating a subscription product to charge every X period

Subscriptions are products which charge the customer a certain amount every X period of time.

This payment type is the ideal solution for digital products that are time-based and otherwise.

Go from charging just one specific amount upfront, to charging a specific amount every X period of time with SellApp in just a few short steps.

Let's dive into how simple it is to do this with SellApp.

So you know

Currently, you can only create subscriptions after you have enabled Stripe.

Creating a subscription product

Make sure to link Stripe before proceeding with the below

  • We start by creating or editing a product in the product dashboard.

  • In the "Pricing" section, you'll be able to select "Subscription" as the pricing type.

    • Once you've enabled the subscription pricing type, you can proceed to set your price and duration for the subscription.

    • Here's how that looks

    Creating a subscription

    • As you can see, you can specify any kind of subscription duration you'd like. Charge customers every X days, weeks, or months.

    • For various purposes, the duration limit is set to 1 year.

  • Once saved, customers can start purchasing this newly created subscription product from your storefront.

    • We'll handle setting up the subscription and notifying the customer if a payment happens to fail.

    • You can see how many subscriptions are active and how many payments have been made in your SellApp subscription dashboard

Happy selling!

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