Some times you may need a little guidance

This section houses some of the most frequently asked questions not referenced anywhere else in our docs. Let's get started, shall we?


How do I disable the VPN check?

Our VPN check helps prevent malicious customers from purchasing products and causing irreperable damage to storefronts on SellApp.

It's the first line of defence for many stores. However, at times, a legitimate customer may be blocked from making purchases. If that's the case, here's how you can disable the VPN check:

  1. Navigate to your SellApp storefront payment settings

  2. Scroll down and toggle 'Allow VPN purchases' on, then click 'Save'

  3. Once done, your customers should be able to make purchases again without running into any issues.

How do I change my store subdomain?

So you know

Subdomain changes are only available for creators with a paid plan

You can do so in the premium storefront settings.

There are no limits or cool-off periods; you're free to change your subdomain as many times as you'd like.

How do I appeal negative feedback?

So you know

Feedback appeal is only available for creators with a paid plan

Should you come across a customer who placed a negative feedback you disagree with, you can contact the SellApp support team to get the feedback reviewed.

However, before doing so, make sure you've tried to reach out to the customer themselves and attempted to rectify their situation. We may ask for proof before reviewing feedback.

When you contact us, let us know the following:

  1. Your storefront URL

  2. The feedback you'd like to appeal

  3. The reason for appeal

My store got banned, can I get access to my products/data?

Storefronts are periodically reviewed by our internal risk team, with violating storefronts banned immediately.

Before a store get banned, two team members manually take a look at the store to verify it is indeed selling products violating our terms of service and/or acceptable use policy.

In the event that your store's gotten banned, the products/files/stock associated with your store are purged. We are not going to host illegal content on our system, nor do we intend to help individuals sell disallowed products elsewhere.


How do I restock my product?

  1. Navigate to your products dashboard

  2. Click the relevant product title to open the 'edit' slide-over

  3. Go to the "Content" area and fill in more stock

  4. Save the product, your product should now be restocked

How do I sell serials/codes/keys/licenses one-by-one?

  1. Navigate to your products dashboard

  2. Click the relevant product title to open the 'edit' slide-over (or create a new product)

  3. Fill in the details as per usual. Once you've arrived at the "content" area, do the following:

    1. Select "Codes & Serials" as the deliverable (if it's not selected yet)

    2. Enter your serials/codes/keys/licenses in the "Saved Serials" input field. The placeholder tells you "Enter your serials, codes, or keys here"

    3. Depending on how your data is separated, you may need to change the "stock delimiter"

      • If your data is separated as value1,value2,value3 you don't need to change anything. Proceed to step 4

      • If your data is separated as value1 value2 value3 select "space" as the "stock delimiter", then proceed to step 4

      • If your data is separated as:

        • select "New line" as the "stock delimiter", then proceed to step 4
      • If your data is separated with a different value (for example ;, |, or another separator), select "Custom delimiter" as the "stock delimiter" and enter your separator value in the input that appears. Then proceed to step 4.

  4. Save the product, your product should now be restocked

How do I sell a product under a dollar

Due to limitations by payment providers, we can't create an order that costs less than a dollar.

However, as a workaround, you could increase the "minimum quantity" to make the total value a dollar or more. This makes it so the amount times the price equals a dollar or more.

Here's an example where your product costs 50 cents each:

  1. When creating a product, in the "Pricing" section, set the price as "0.50"

  2. Proceed to the "Content" section and set the "minimum quantity" (found at the bottom) to 2

  3. Since the price of a purchase is now $0.50 (price) * 2 (minimum quantity) = $1, you can save the product and customers can proceed to purchase it.


When should I mark an order as completed, and how do I do so?

By default, SellApp detects payments and marks payments as completed automatically. This means you should never have to do so yourself.

If you'd still like to mark an order as completed, we advise not doing so unless you are absolutely certain you've received the respective payment in your linked account.

Here's how to mark an order as completed:

  1. Navigate to your orders dashboard

  2. Click the three dots at the end of a product

  3. Select the "Mark as..." option, a modal will appear

  4. Select the "Mark as completed" option and click "Process"

Once done, our system will automatically process the order and deliver the product to the customer's email.

What does pending, voided, completed mean in my orders dashboard?

  • Pending is when a customer starts an order, but hasn't paid yet. An order stays pending for 24 hours, during which the customer can make the payment.

  • If the customer doesn't pay within the 24 hour timeframe, the order will be voided.

  • If the customer pays, the order will automatically be completed by our system and the product will automatically be sent to their email address