Contacting Support

We pride ourselves in having the best-in-class support team available, with an average response time of less than 1 hour during business hours. We are available seven days a week.

Should you ever need any help, we're a click of a button away. There are three ways you can get in touch with our team:

In addition to the above, there should be a live chat button on this page that lets you contact our support team directly. Click it to start a chat.

Report abuse

We greatly appreciate your help. We proactively review and ban storefronts violating our AUP/TOS.

However, at times, a storefront may not have been reviewed yet, got hacked/sold to a malicious entity, or there'd be some other circumstance which made it slip through our stringent review system.

If this is the case and you've come across a store selling products which are illegal, violate our AUP, DMCA notices, or do not honor the copyright of another entity, please send us an email with details to:

Phone Support

We believe customer support is most effective when there is no risk of misunderstanding one another.

If we were to offer phone support, it would greatly reduce the quality of support due to static lines, miscommunication, high wait times, and more. Here's a few reasons:

  1. When you send us a message, our support team can see your website and account details, which means faster and more personalized support.

  2. SellApp is an internet application, and answering questions often requires our team and our creators sharing screenshots, links, and videos with one another. This wouldn't be possible via phone.

  3. We work hard to keep SellApp affordable for creators of all shapes and sizes. Balancing this commitment means investing our limited resources in what we do best. Online support doesn't just mean better and faster support; it also means a more affordable platform for you.

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