About SellApp

What is SellApp?

SellApp is a highly customizable eCommerce platform for digital products. With SellApp, you can spin up a storefront that you can completely customize to your preference with our storefront builder, and automatically start selling your digital products online.

The SellApp platform was built as a response to the existing tools and platforms that existed for selling digital products. It's digital selling completely reimagined for the creators, builders, and entrepreneurs of the twenty-twenties.

Pricing Structure

We make money when you make money, as it should be.

Our pricing structure is as simple as can be: 3% per sale

We don't charge any fees for signing up, lock platform functionality behind paid plans, or impose any limits on your store. You have full access to the platform and all of its functionality from the start.

We charge a flat 3% fee per sale. This fee is calculated for each sale, regardless of payment method, but is not due immediately.

Instead, the fees are combined into a bill, This bill becomes due on the 1st of the subsequent month. For more information, take a peek at our pricing page.

What can I sell on SellApp?

  • Start selling any kind of digital product, not just limited to downloadable files. Out of the box, we support:

    1. Downloadable files, videos, programs, themes, etc.
    2. Serial keys (delivered one-by-one)
    3. Manual online services, hands-on support, custom creations, etc.
    4. Dynamically generated deliverables from your own webhook endpoint
  • Receive notifications to your notification channels with fine-grained control over which channel receives what notification.

    1. We currently support Discord and email notifications, with more channels coming soon.
    2. You can specify one Discord channel for one type of notification, and another Discord channel for another type of notification. No limits.
  • Protect your wares from malicious customers with SellApp's built in fraud protection tools. We check whether a customer is legitimate, and proactively prevent them from committing fraud on your store.

  • 24/7 customer support, to help you when (or rather, if) you ever get stuck.

In which countries is SellApp available?

SellApp is available in almost every country in the world, with the exception of countries on the sanctions list.

Do I need to deliver products myself?

No, we automatically take care of product delivery for you (among a ton of other things).

Simply add your product deliverable; whether that's a downloadable file or a list of serials which you want to sell one-by-one, and we'll automagically take care of the rest.

SellApp does all the heavy lifting for you, from automated product delivery, product replacement, email/Discord notifications, and much more, helping you focus on what's important.

Getting started