About SellApp

What is SellApp?

SellApp was built due to a dissatisfaction with the existing tools and platforms that existed for selling digital products.

All of them were a combination of; being too bloated with tons of useless features, had confusing UI built over a decade ago, and to top it off charged exorbitant fees.

This is where SellApp comes in. It's digital product selling completely reimagined for the creators, builders, and entrepreneurs of the twenty-twenties.

We built the platform in 2021, completely from the ground up, utilizing the latest coding principles and the most cutting-edge technology available. This has translated in us being:

  1. One of the fastest platforms in existence

  2. With one of the lowest cart abandonment rates

  3. Packaged in a delightfully sleek UI for both customers and creators/sellers.

At time of writing, we serve close to 10K storefronts and process north of $500K in volume per month.

We are one of the few (if not the only) platforms that listens closely to our community, which has translated in us continuing to grow at a great pace.

Pricing Structure

We make money when you make money, as it should be.

$0/mo - Free

Our free plan can be used by anyone, for any purpose, for any duration of time. No trials, limited access to features, or limits to worry about. Simply sign up and start selling instantly.

We believe having an online storefront is a fundamental digital right, which is why we don't lock our powerful storefront behind an expensive plan. Out of the box, all payment methods are available to use.

$19.99/mo - Premium

When you're ready to upgrade your store to the next level, and leverage features such as branding removal, live chat functionality, access to a VIP seller chat, and more.

$59.99/mo - Advanced

One step beyond Premium are the creators who have grown beyond what we offer by default, and who need one-to-one service and support.

Our plans are simple and straightforward, as with everything else on our storefront. No pricing hidden behind an obscure 'contact us' button.

Regardless of what type of seller you are and how much volume you process, our platform is a great fit for you.

Fees Structure

Fees that simply make sense.

So you know

We currently only charge fees for sales made with Stripe. Sales made with any other payment processor do not incur any fee on our end.

4% - Free

If you're on the free plan, we charge an industry-low fee of 4% per sale processed.

2% - Premium

One of the benefits of the premium plan is the 2% fee. If you generate more than $1000 in revenue via SellApp, you'll be saving money on fees when switching to our premium plan.

0% - Advanced

That's right, you're seeing this correctly. Our advanced plan has a whopping 0% fee per sale, so if you generate more than $2000 in revenue via SellApp, you'll be saving money on fees when switching to our advanced plan.

What can I sell on SellApp?

SellApp helps you do everything you set your mind to:

  • Start selling any kind of digital product, not just limited to downloadable files. Out of the box, we support:

    • Downloadable files, videos, programs, themes, etc.

    • Serial keys (delivered one-by-one)

    • Manual online services, hands-on support, custom creations, etc.

    • Dynamically generated deliverables from your own webhook endpoint

  • Receive notifications to your notification channels with fine-grained control over which channel receives what notification.

    • We currently support Discord and email notifications, with more channels coming soon.

    • You can specify one Discord channel for one type of notification, and another Discord channel for another type of notification. No limits.

  • Seamlessly integrate with trusted analytics solutions such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and many more to help you gain data, find where your customers are coming from, and breeze past your competitors.

  • Protect your wares from malicious customers with SellApp's VPN/Proxy checks. We check whether a customer uses any type of obfuscation software, and proactively prevent them from committing fraud and costing you money.

  • 24/7 customer support, to help you when (or rather, if) you ever get stuck.

SellApp comes with all of the above out of the box with our free plan, wrapped neatly together in a next-generation UI to help you sell like never before.

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In which countries is SellApp available?

SellApp is available in almost every country in the world, with the exception of countries on the sanctions list.

We recently expanded payment method support with a PayStack integration, which has helped creators from Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa sell digital goods online, and are planning to do more to support creators from all across the globe.

By default, creators can also accept cryptocurrency which is globally available and accessible.

Do I need to deliver products myself?

No, we automatically take care of product delivery for you (among a ton of other things).

Simply add your product deliverable; whether that's a downloadable file or a list of serials which you want to sell one-by-one, and we'll automagically take care of the rest.

SellApp does all the heavy lifting for you, from automated product delivery, product replacement, email/Discord notifications, and much more, helping you focus on what's important.

Getting started