The easiest way to offer a discount for a specific payment method, is to create a variant within the same product.

Here's how to do so:

1. Go to the products dashboard (, then click on a product title to open the "Edit product" slide-over (or create a new product if you don't have the product created already).

2. In the slide over, select "Variants" and create a new variant. For this variant, enable only the payment method for which you want to offer a discount, and set the discounted price. Once done, save this variant.

3. You'll be back to the main edit slide-over. Here, select the first variant (that is now labeled "Default"), and edit its details. For this variant, enable all other payment methods you'd like to accept, except the payment method for which you want to offer a discount. Set the regular (non-discounted) price. Once done, save this variant as well

That's all done! You've now got a product which has two different prices; the original one with the regular payment methods, and the discounted one with the specific payment method.

Happy selling!

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