Some sellers have their own site on which they have a completely custom design. On this site, they want to embed products directly from SellApp, without having to set up a custom domain or go through the hassle of coding.

It's super easy to embed products from SellApp onto your own site. Here's how:

  1. Go to your store's products dashboard by clicking here.

  2. For the relevant product, click on the three dots at the end, then click "Share"

  3. A "Share your Product" modal will pop up. Click on "Embed Product" found in this modal.

  4. The modal will ask you to copy two pieces of code: a script, and a stylesheet (CSS). These need to be pasted in your site's code, likely the index.html/index.php file.

  5. Once the stylesheet and script have been added, you can add the final piece of code which is the 'embed' button. Simply copy and paste the button code from the modal in step 3 onto your site.

  6. Finally, enter the product ID into the button found in step 5. The product ID can be found directly below the snippet of button code (we've highlighted it in bold)

That's it! You've now successfully embedded a product onto your own site and are able to sell goods directly from your own site by leveraging SellApp's infrastructure.

To add more buttons, simply copy the button code found in step 6, and modify the product ID to the relevant product's ID.

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