SellApp makes it very easy to link your Coinbase Commerce account and start accepting bitcoin and other crypto payments for your products. Here's how.

  1. Navigate to your store settings page, and click on the "Payment" tab to open your store payment settings. You will find a "Coinbase Commerce Key" and a "Webhook shared secret" input field.

  2. To get the key from Coinbase Commerce, click here (or alternatively sign in to your Coinbase Commerce dashboard, then click on "settings" in the sidebar).

    1. Your API key will be found when scrolling down the page, under "API keys". If you don't have one, you can click on "Create an API key" to generate one.

    2. To get your webhook shared secret, click on "Show shared secret" in the "Webhook subscriptions" section. This is found right below the API keys section.

    3. NOTE: Do not forget to click on "Add an endpoint" found in the "Webhook subscriptions" section if you haven't yet. Enter "" as the endpoint. If you don't do this, payments will fail.

  3. Once you added SellApp's webhook and have both the API key and shared secret from Coinbase Commerce, head back to SellApp and enter it in the respective input fields found in step 1. Finally, click on "Save" to securely store the details.

That's it! Coinbase Commerce has been enabled for your store and you can now enable Coinbase Commerce for every new product you create.


If you want to enable Coinbase Commerce for products which already exist, here's how to do so:

  1. Navigate to your dashboard, then click on the 'Products' found in the sidebar.

  2. On the products page, click on the checkboxes of the products you want to enable Coinbase Commerce for.

  3. Click on the "Update Payment Methods" button found in the dropdown that appears. A modal will pop up; check Coinbase Commerce (& optionally other payment methods if you wish)

  4. Finally, click on "Update All" in the modal to update the products' payment methods. All the products you selected will now have Coinbase Commerce enabled as a payment method.

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